Adam the Hairy

Sword Connoisseur with a Bad Attitude.


Cleric level 6+4

Physical Description

Adam has strong chiseled features, and auburn coloured hair, and piercing hazel eyes, He speaks in a deep voice resounds with a inner strength. His powerful frame is over six feet tall and holds 230 pounds of lean muscle. Surprisingly graceful for such a large man, he is quintessentially a warrior, with every fiber of his physical being strengthened, toned, and exercised to accentuate the capabilities of the fighting arts. He is garbed in a thick fur cloak, and wears a gold barded masterwork fullplate, Likewise, Adam bears the massive sword Kin-slayer, a magical Bastard sword crafted by the elves thousands of years ago, and a special magnetic heavy steel shield. He possesses both the virtues of courage and forthrightness, and the vices of impulsivity and brashness.

Stats, Feats & Domains

Str: 22. Int: 16. Dex: 11. Wis: 18. Con: 18. Cha: 14.

BAB +5 AC: 22 HP: 72
CMD 21 CMB 10 Initiative +0

Fort +9 Will +9 Ref +2

Feats: | Power Attack | Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword) | Armor Proficiency (Heavy) | Selective Channeling | Combat Improvement | Greater Spell Casting | Retraining Domains | Toughness

Domains: Destruction & Magic.

Domain Abilities
Destructive Smite : You gain the destructive smite power: the supernatural ability to make a single melee attack with a morale bonus on damage rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level.

Hand of the Acolyte: You can cause your melee weapon to fly from your grasp and strike a foe before instantly returning.

Significant Items

Kin-Slayer Cold Iron +1 Bastard Sword.
Lion Shield +1 AC Heavy Steel Shield
Masterwork Full Plate.
Moonstone Ring +2 Str.


Early Life

Adam believes that Nethys the lord of magic who stands between destroying the world on one hand or saving it on the other, has called him to devote his life to him. This calling did not come with by means of angelic encounters, nor did Nethys speak to him directly. It came through reading the holy texts and devoting his life to serve as guard for the traveling preachers. He sensed a calling to spread his power and influence not by word but by sword.
Adam was born in a tradertown in the southern Grandia called Marshalbourg. He was born to ordinary parent working as servants to one of the rich merchants living within the city. His parents well aware of their situation realised that they could not raise a child in their current situation, instead gave the child to one of the more malevolent temples of Nethys, ones where power was put before magic. He was raised as guard for traveling preachers. As Adam aged within the confines of the church he proved him self a warrior of great strengt, so he was ordered to accompany the preachers going to the most dangerous places and locations. Places of war or uprisings.

Adam knew that he was not a man giftet with genius intellect, nor the aptitude for rigorous study of holy texts. But he was instead captivated by the thought that by constant drilling at the guard training, he might become a channel for Nethys fierce wrath for his foes. While many oof his comrades elected for the elegance of magic, Adam devoted himself to Nethys second aspect, Power. He took to the use of sword and shield like a fish to water. He embraced the brutality of combat. It was in these years that the spirit of Nethys truly moved within Adam, showing him that for which his life had been designed. Some come into this world to build majestic cathedrals to venerate the gods, others write great tomes in their names. Adam came for war.

As his schooling drew to a close and he began to serve Nethys on the front-lines he became increasingly frustrated with the pacifism and hesitation of his peers towards spreading the word of Nethys. Unwilling to subject himself to such cowardice, and not wishing to grow bitter towards his brothers-in-arms, he thought it better to resign from his post, and forge out a destiny of his own and to truly understand the concept of power that Nethey promised. His superiors was not pleased. But he persuaded them that, if he succeed, it would bring far greater yield to the Church than the battlefield contribution of a glorified bodyguard. So it was that Adam undertook the great challenge of understanding something beyond human understanding: He knew that there were rough terrain ahead, but his training and spirit would serve his as a shield against the world.

Everything in between

The following are tales of Adams many adventures, with his trusted companion the bard, and the countless death of their many different companion. All to pay back a dept to a sketchy nobel, but constantly running into distractions and trials.

The following adventures are in chronological order

#1 Trouble with the law

#2 The Ambush

#3 The Ruins

#4 The Ruins Continued

#5 The Creepy Shack

#6 The Sewers

#7 The 3 Trials

#8 The Necromancer’s Tower

#9 The Snake Castle

#10 Snakes, Snakes and more Snakes

Joining the Silver order

Adam the Hairy

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