The Five Rings

The Five Rings of Timron is a name given to the 5 largest criminal bosses of eastern Timron.


Gilbert The Gentle

Ruling the Northern Territory. Has been described as someone who helps the poor, but a ruthless killer against the rich.

Betta The Clever

A powerful magician and Genius tactician. Ruled the Eastern Territory, but has since established control of the western territory in the wake of Half-eyes fall form power.

Ragnar The Prodigy

Described as a very young prodigious Martial artist who killed his own master, the former ruler of the South-Eastern Territory.

Cilvil The Hammer

One of the strongest fighters to fight in the pits of Blackdown Hold, where he won his freedom. Has a relatively small amount of direct followers but each of them is loyal and strong in their own right. Rules the South-Western Territory.


A Millitary trained Dwarven ranger, whom until recently ruled the Western Territory. He was killed by the group after a longer encounter where he tried to murder them.

New leader

Arthor The Devil


in the wake of The Seperation war most of western timron was left fending for itself while a front was established with Blackdown hold at its center. during this time bandits ravaged the land, and no man woman or child was safe. Degenerates from al over the western part of the country flocked to establish dominance and cut out a big piece of the cake. After some time 5 bandit territories emerged with 5 different bosses ruling like kings. One northern, two southern, one eastern and one western territory. The borders of these territories have shifted and the kings have been replaced either by succesion or hostile takeover, but the balance of power has remained in place for 100 years.

The ruling body of timron has long since accepted that to cut off the head of the snake was almost impossible but put a huge bounty on each of the leaders head anyway, aswell as promising a noble title for anyone managing to kill 3 of them.

With the appearance of Arthor, a truly scary scenario emerged. While the authorities are only barely able to oppose 5 waring factions, a united criminal syndicate is now threatining the Monarchys foothold in this region, while most of the nations army is fighting the city state of Mevir.

The bounty on each leader is now doubled.

The Five Rings

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