Giant Pigs and The Golden Stick

The Group is in Budell Harbour.

They pick up several bounty leaflets, Depicting the leaders of The Five Rings
and some of their lieutenants.

They travel south towards Gora. On the road they find a dead horse getting munched by giant Boars. They slay these boars, and finds they resemble some of the characteristics of Coco, Henric Halfeye’s Enormous Combat Boar, just smaller.

They slay the beasts and find a Timron Courier named Seymond. They convince him they are Secrect agents of Timron, and he tells the troubling news. The Five Rings Have started working together and are carrying tokens, skull with horns and two swords crossed behind it.

Seymond tells them of a legendary inn further down the Road called The Golden Stick where he knows one of the managers there, Norbeck

Dangerous Seas and a new companion

The Group sails towards Budell Harbour, with Bomba Upton and his crew mates in the pirate infested waters between Grandia and Timron. And sure enough approximately 3 days into the journey a large galley is spotted in the horizon.

The crew prepares to be boarded, and they take up defensive positions.

A large force of pirates led by a giant pirate, board the ship. Its a complete slaughter and not a single pirate is left standing , and only a single crew mate is wounded.

They find many riches on the pirate ship, probably from less badass-sailors, but they also found a bound little Half-ling named Lystig
He shows himself to be a mute Bard Halfing, whom is writing the most epic ballad he can, and he needs inspiration. He points out there i a bounty of 500 gold for the giant pirate and asks if he can team up. The group agrees.

After a few more days on the sea they arrive at Budell Harbour, where the group gets the loot from the pirate ships cargo, and Bomba gets to keep the Ship. They sell the cargo and cash in the bounty.

They prepare to travel to Gora to meet the contact Tanja.

Green Society and Nirst

The group has decided to travel to Nirst Harobur and find a boat that can take them to Budell Harbour.

On the way there they meet a group of travelers led by a Druid, escorted by Xiranian guards from The Green Society, whom have traveled here because they have heard whispers of a leopard family that resided here. When the druid spots the Leopard cape adam is wearing he goes into a frenzy and attacks the group-

The party slays them all mercilessly, and loots the remaining corpses, , whom posseses little value except a very well made necklace. They identify the necklace as magical. The druid (whom had turned into a leopard heavily wounding Azoulos) gets skinned and turned into a a turban. about 4 hours later the turban turns into a bloody hat of Half-orc skin.

After a few hours of travel they arrive at Nirst Harbour, and by asking around they hear the best chance of finding someone to sail with them they should go to the local tavern “The Sea-bass”.

Arriving there they quickly bump into Bomba Upton whom will take them to Budell Harbour for a hefty price. They decide to armwrestle for a discount, and a raging azoulos buffed with Bulls strength from Adam crushes Bomba, and he accepts the discount. Afterwards they party all night with the crew and become honorary guests of The Tavern.

They all agree to sail in the morning.

Celebration and Sorrow

After defeating the leading doppelganger and stopping the cultist and undead attack on Nederby, The Group is celebrated as heroes. During the celebration Seelah approaches the party and quickly asks who landed the killing blow. Adam takes credit before anyone can say anything. She quickly advances on him and invites him to her chambers. And hes not the only one who gets lucky.
A huge barmaid charms her way into Azoulos heart. Gascard find a random hot chick, who promises both to get freaky with both him and Snebold. Lester asks Annabelle if she is up for something, but she rejects him and gets together with a very handsome noble. Lester is seen leaving the festivities with a slender beautiful woman with dark hair.

After a long night the group meets out on the street, tired but satisfied. Lester is nowhere to be found, and they decide to search for him. They are told, he is inside a locked room in the inn, he was seen entering with the mysterious woman. They break open the door and find Lester in a pool of his own blood. In his last moments Lester managed to write a some last words:

I cut her at the left side of her face, she will have a scar from temple to chin.. I love you Annabelle… Gascard and Snebold take care.. Azoulous you are all right.. Fuck you Adam..

Adam quickly leaves the room with the words :“What a fucking loser..” Probably because he couldnt handle his grief. After a quick chase the group swears revenge some day, and buries Lester at a Hilltop outside Nederby. Many of the townfolk are there to pay their respects. Seelah is there aswell and gives her condolences to the party. She says she has something for them. The temple of Nydas has decided to make them each a ring, from a holy stone called The Star of Nydas that fell from the sky several hundred years ago.

While the rings are being made, the party waits in Nederby trying to decide what to do next. Then they are approached by a familiar face, Aimon, a high ranking officer from The Silver Order. He is here to tell them of the war that just broke out between Mevir and Timron and a war in the shadows has started. The leaders of Grandia has decided seize this opportunity, and make start operations in Western Timron. The group is tasked to make havoc however the group seem fit in that region. They can travel there either by boat from Nirst Harbour to Budell Harbour. this is the fastest way but also the most dangerous because of the pirate infested waters. They can also travel by land and travel through Zean, but its slower and there will be very tough customs ath border.

No matte what they chose, they will need to meet with a contact by the name of Tanja Wood whom will pose as an Innkeeper in Gora

The group decides to travel by boat, as soon as the rings are done.

The Siege of Nederby

The Group finally arrives at Nederby. They set out in town to do some shopping.

Suddenly 1 hour after dusk, the alarm bells of the city ring and the party rushes to the walls to see giant blue pillars all around the city beaming down beneath the treeline surrounding the city. A horde of undead emerges from the treeline walking slowly but surely towards the city gates. Among them are 15 feet tall abominations. The city guards make arrows rain down on the oncoming horde but make little impact. Seelah Lightbringer directs the group to the weakest gate as its about to fall.

The group arrives at the gate, as a mass of city guards with shields up and spears in front points at the gate. Huge fists are pounding at the now almost broken gate, and just as the group has taken their positions the army of undead breaks through.

A huge abomination leads the charge with dozens of smaller zombies at its feet. The large zombie gains ground but the guards and the party are able to hold the swarm off. Just as the huge monstrosity gets inside the walls, Azoulous, with a quick slice with his battleaxe, chops its leg off and its speared to death by the rest of the guards.

in the distance through the gate, the group spots a lone wizard amongst the hordes of undead, seemingly giving directions. Seelah arrives behind them yelling that the wizard is the key to saving the city. She blesses their weapons and gives the fastest horses, to ride out and kill the wizard.

On their way out of the city, Adam is almost killed when he falls off his horse. Even in the chaos and death around him, Azoulos cant help but smile, because Adam always laughed at him for being good at riding.

The party meets the wizard in front of one of the blue pillars which seems to be some sort of summoning circle. There are 2 bodyguards there aswell. A bloody battle ensues with undead continuously appearing in the circle. The wizard shows himself to be a doppelganger, and with a mighty swing of his greataxe, the monster is decapitated.

just as the head is separated from the body, lighting bursts out and connects all the blue pillars in the area, and with a huge shockwave eminating from the body, they are all destroyed. The party looks back and sees the city is saved

Now is the time for celebration

Riddles and Leopards

On their journey to Nederby, the group need to cross a river. But the path is blocked by a huge orge and a small gnome. The gnome demands payment unless they can solve his riddles.

Adam is confused and enraged by the complexion of the riddles and engages in combat immediately. They capture the gnome and chase the ogre back to his cave were they find his brother. They slay them all and loot the cave.

The journey continues and they stumble upon 2 Leopards whom they slay quickly. A minute or so after the deed is done, they hear a soft meow from the bushes and they discover a small leopard cub. Adam and Azoulous believes it to be mercy to kill the cub and they kill it with solemn faces. Then they decide to make a leopard thong and a cape of the cub and its parents.

Goblins and Doppelgangers

The group travels to the old ruin of Taranos worship. When they get there they find enormous fresh water crabs outside broken cages and goblins trying to subdue them. The party slays everyone, and enters the ruins. Here they find Hobgoblins officers guarding the inside but they are dealt with aswell. In the inner sanctum, they find a huge pile of bodies being hurled on a magic runic circle drawn on the floor. The body in the circle disappears in a puff of smoke and flames. The hobgoblin leader in the room and his two lieutenants attack the party. When the subordinates dies the leader goblin undergoes a metamorphosis and shows itself as a doppelganger. A being that can mimic any appearance.

After they kill the doppelganger, they find a backroom with what seems to be the body of the old hobgoblin leader and a treasure chest with gold, a Magnetic Shield and a magic Staff

When they go outside they are met with a caravan of goblins with carts full of bodies. They repel the attack, and begin to understand that the goblins are aggressive because they are collecting bodies for the ritual going on downstairs. The exact purpose eludes the party.

They decide to return to Nederby to recuberrate.

Ambush and Valentine

The group followed the directions given by the city guardsman, but was ambushed when they got there by goblins waiting for them. Without much trouble the group dispatched of them and returned to the city and captured and tortured the guard until he told them where Per Valentin really was. When they were done, they slit his throat in the woods.

The Party made their way to Valentins house. They found him, inside his hut scared and curled up, but before they could speak they were attacked by a large group of goblins and humans. A very unusual collaboration the party noted. They repelled the attack and Valentine told them what he knew.

The seal they found was the symbol of Taranos, a god of the Torgoth Pantheon, who had a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Valentin knew there were a goblin tribe nearby, who mhave settled in a nearby old ruin, where Taranos was worshipped many years ago.

The group decides to go there.

Getting to Nederby

The Group has finished basic training of The Silver Order
and as their first assignment they have been tasked to investigate some cult activity in the area around the city of Nederby.

On the way there Annabelle and Adam sees a body on the road, and sees a group of bandits killing innocent people. They slay the bandits mercilessly. On their bodies they discover a seal with a symbol they dont know. A circle of with two lightning bolts crossing it.

Gascard took a detour from the party because he heard rumors of some magic in a village nearby. When he gets there he meets a zealous paladin named Seelah Lightbringer, who is just about to enter a crypt beneath the city. Gascard suspects this is where the magic eminates from. Along with two twin archers Hot and Tot they enter the crypt and slay the zombies. Seelah is grateful for the help.

Azoulos had to take a detour too because of problems in his village. When that was taken care of, he met a caravan heading to Nederby, which he decided to follow. The caravan was attacked, and Azoulous slew several bandits and earned the respect of all soldiers there. On the bodies, he found a symbol similar to the one Annabelle and Adam found.

The Group was finally assembled in Nederby where a guard told them of the unusually aggressive bandit and goblin bands in the surrounding woods. When they showed the symbol they discovered he recalled the local loner Per Valentin spouting nonsense about exactly that symbol. He told them where to find him .


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