Ambush and Valentine

The group followed the directions given by the city guardsman, but was ambushed when they got there by goblins waiting for them. Without much trouble the group dispatched of them and returned to the city and captured and tortured the guard until he told them where Per Valentin really was. When they were done, they slit his throat in the woods.

The Party made their way to Valentins house. They found him, inside his hut scared and curled up, but before they could speak they were attacked by a large group of goblins and humans. A very unusual collaboration the party noted. They repelled the attack and Valentine told them what he knew.

The seal they found was the symbol of Taranos, a god of the Torgoth Pantheon, who had a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Valentin knew there were a goblin tribe nearby, who mhave settled in a nearby old ruin, where Taranos was worshipped many years ago.

The group decides to go there.



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