Getting to Nederby

The Group has finished basic training of The Silver Order
and as their first assignment they have been tasked to investigate some cult activity in the area around the city of Nederby.

On the way there Annabelle and Adam sees a body on the road, and sees a group of bandits killing innocent people. They slay the bandits mercilessly. On their bodies they discover a seal with a symbol they dont know. A circle of with two lightning bolts crossing it.

Gascard took a detour from the party because he heard rumors of some magic in a village nearby. When he gets there he meets a zealous paladin named Seelah Lightbringer, who is just about to enter a crypt beneath the city. Gascard suspects this is where the magic eminates from. Along with two twin archers Hot and Tot they enter the crypt and slay the zombies. Seelah is grateful for the help.

Azoulos had to take a detour too because of problems in his village. When that was taken care of, he met a caravan heading to Nederby, which he decided to follow. The caravan was attacked, and Azoulous slew several bandits and earned the respect of all soldiers there. On the bodies, he found a symbol similar to the one Annabelle and Adam found.

The Group was finally assembled in Nederby where a guard told them of the unusually aggressive bandit and goblin bands in the surrounding woods. When they showed the symbol they discovered he recalled the local loner Per Valentin spouting nonsense about exactly that symbol. He told them where to find him .



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