Goblins and Doppelgangers

The group travels to the old ruin of Taranos worship. When they get there they find enormous fresh water crabs outside broken cages and goblins trying to subdue them. The party slays everyone, and enters the ruins. Here they find Hobgoblins officers guarding the inside but they are dealt with aswell. In the inner sanctum, they find a huge pile of bodies being hurled on a magic runic circle drawn on the floor. The body in the circle disappears in a puff of smoke and flames. The hobgoblin leader in the room and his two lieutenants attack the party. When the subordinates dies the leader goblin undergoes a metamorphosis and shows itself as a doppelganger. A being that can mimic any appearance.

After they kill the doppelganger, they find a backroom with what seems to be the body of the old hobgoblin leader and a treasure chest with gold, a Magnetic Shield and a magic Staff

When they go outside they are met with a caravan of goblins with carts full of bodies. They repel the attack, and begin to understand that the goblins are aggressive because they are collecting bodies for the ritual going on downstairs. The exact purpose eludes the party.

They decide to return to Nederby to recuberrate.



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