Celebration and Sorrow

After defeating the leading doppelganger and stopping the cultist and undead attack on Nederby, The Group is celebrated as heroes. During the celebration Seelah approaches the party and quickly asks who landed the killing blow. Adam takes credit before anyone can say anything. She quickly advances on him and invites him to her chambers. And hes not the only one who gets lucky.
A huge barmaid charms her way into Azoulos heart. Gascard find a random hot chick, who promises both to get freaky with both him and Snebold. Lester asks Annabelle if she is up for something, but she rejects him and gets together with a very handsome noble. Lester is seen leaving the festivities with a slender beautiful woman with dark hair.

After a long night the group meets out on the street, tired but satisfied. Lester is nowhere to be found, and they decide to search for him. They are told, he is inside a locked room in the inn, he was seen entering with the mysterious woman. They break open the door and find Lester in a pool of his own blood. In his last moments Lester managed to write a some last words:

I cut her at the left side of her face, she will have a scar from temple to chin.. I love you Annabelle… Gascard and Snebold take care.. Azoulous you are all right.. Fuck you Adam..

Adam quickly leaves the room with the words :“What a fucking loser..” Probably because he couldnt handle his grief. After a quick chase the group swears revenge some day, and buries Lester at a Hilltop outside Nederby. Many of the townfolk are there to pay their respects. Seelah is there aswell and gives her condolences to the party. She says she has something for them. The temple of Nydas has decided to make them each a ring, from a holy stone called The Star of Nydas that fell from the sky several hundred years ago.

While the rings are being made, the party waits in Nederby trying to decide what to do next. Then they are approached by a familiar face, Aimon, a high ranking officer from The Silver Order. He is here to tell them of the war that just broke out between Mevir and Timron and a war in the shadows has started. The leaders of Grandia has decided seize this opportunity, and make start operations in Western Timron. The group is tasked to make havoc however the group seem fit in that region. They can travel there either by boat from Nirst Harbour to Budell Harbour. this is the fastest way but also the most dangerous because of the pirate infested waters. They can also travel by land and travel through Zean, but its slower and there will be very tough customs ath border.

No matte what they chose, they will need to meet with a contact by the name of Tanja Wood whom will pose as an Innkeeper in Gora

The group decides to travel by boat, as soon as the rings are done.



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