Riddles and Leopards

On their journey to Nederby, the group need to cross a river. But the path is blocked by a huge orge and a small gnome. The gnome demands payment unless they can solve his riddles.

Adam is confused and enraged by the complexion of the riddles and engages in combat immediately. They capture the gnome and chase the ogre back to his cave were they find his brother. They slay them all and loot the cave.

The journey continues and they stumble upon 2 Leopards whom they slay quickly. A minute or so after the deed is done, they hear a soft meow from the bushes and they discover a small leopard cub. Adam and Azoulous believes it to be mercy to kill the cub and they kill it with solemn faces. Then they decide to make a leopard thong and a cape of the cub and its parents.



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