The Siege of Nederby

The Group finally arrives at Nederby. They set out in town to do some shopping.

Suddenly 1 hour after dusk, the alarm bells of the city ring and the party rushes to the walls to see giant blue pillars all around the city beaming down beneath the treeline surrounding the city. A horde of undead emerges from the treeline walking slowly but surely towards the city gates. Among them are 15 feet tall abominations. The city guards make arrows rain down on the oncoming horde but make little impact. Seelah Lightbringer directs the group to the weakest gate as its about to fall.

The group arrives at the gate, as a mass of city guards with shields up and spears in front points at the gate. Huge fists are pounding at the now almost broken gate, and just as the group has taken their positions the army of undead breaks through.

A huge abomination leads the charge with dozens of smaller zombies at its feet. The large zombie gains ground but the guards and the party are able to hold the swarm off. Just as the huge monstrosity gets inside the walls, Azoulous, with a quick slice with his battleaxe, chops its leg off and its speared to death by the rest of the guards.

in the distance through the gate, the group spots a lone wizard amongst the hordes of undead, seemingly giving directions. Seelah arrives behind them yelling that the wizard is the key to saving the city. She blesses their weapons and gives the fastest horses, to ride out and kill the wizard.

On their way out of the city, Adam is almost killed when he falls off his horse. Even in the chaos and death around him, Azoulos cant help but smile, because Adam always laughed at him for being good at riding.

The party meets the wizard in front of one of the blue pillars which seems to be some sort of summoning circle. There are 2 bodyguards there aswell. A bloody battle ensues with undead continuously appearing in the circle. The wizard shows himself to be a doppelganger, and with a mighty swing of his greataxe, the monster is decapitated.

just as the head is separated from the body, lighting bursts out and connects all the blue pillars in the area, and with a huge shockwave eminating from the body, they are all destroyed. The party looks back and sees the city is saved

Now is the time for celebration



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