Giant Pigs and The Golden Stick

The Group is in Budell Harbour.

They pick up several bounty leaflets, Depicting the leaders of The Five Rings
and some of their lieutenants.

They travel south towards Gora. On the road they find a dead horse getting munched by giant Boars. They slay these boars, and finds they resemble some of the characteristics of Coco, Henric Halfeye’s Enormous Combat Boar, just smaller.

They slay the beasts and find a Timron Courier named Seymond. They convince him they are Secrect agents of Timron, and he tells the troubling news. The Five Rings Have started working together and are carrying tokens, skull with horns and two swords crossed behind it.

Seymond tells them of a legendary inn further down the Road called The Golden Stick where he knows one of the managers there, Norbeck



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