Chaos - Spellblade of Entropy

Chaos – Spellblade of Entropy

Legend: Even the pantheon of light has a god of Chaos, his name is Uzramon. The Legend has it, that this Ascended Demon wanted to aid in the fights against the darkness and according to Uzramon, you sometimes need to fight fire with fire or in this case, wield powerful necrotic energy against Darkness. So he manifested his lust and will for chaos into a weapon that could bring death and destruction against evil.

Appearance: Pulsating black purplish light eminates from the blade, that has an almost incorpereal form. At will, the blade can change into a seemingly harmless ring that is black as night.

+1 dagger 1d4 + 1d6 necrotic damage.

Passive: Corrupting magic: + 1d6 necrotic damage die to all damage spells.

+1 HD

Skill +4 Spellcraft

Active Once per Day: Cone of Chaos: As a standard action the wielder can cast a 40 ft cone of necrotic energy that deals 10d6 necrotic damage.

Active: Once per week: Cause Entropy.

Chaos - Spellblade of Entropy

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