The Seperation War

The war that seperated the old Grandia in two.

In the year 1312 Grandia was a prosperous country with two main seats in a western and eastern part.

Some years before a young man had been born named Myrill, who at this point was called a “logistician”, an invented title for a man who could seemingly solve every problem. Myrill and his following was incontent with how his part of the country was run by the incapable cousin of the king of Grandia named Loras. People would die of starvation in the winter because he refused to listen to his advisors. When Loras saw how the young man was gaining in popurlarity and followers, he felt threatened, and ordered his imprisonment.

This capture went wrong and Myrills family died in this attempt. Something snapped in the quiet logistician and a ruthless battle commander was born. Even with a small force consisting of his closest friends, Myrill managed to kill his local Lord Loras and capture his castle.

That could have been the end of it, but the Nobles of Grandia felt wronged that a commoner had killed a noble and called for Myrills capture and execution. Myrill rallied the opressed commoners and lead them to one victory after the next. His army grew and after a few years he had captured the main seat of the continent and established the new nation Timron and founded its new capitol Myrills Hope.

In the later stages of the war, the monarch of Grandia grew desperate and told his most trusted advisor Grandmaster Datyr and his order to dispose of Myrill and win the war by any means necessary. This proved to be futile and only grew more animosity against Grandia and The orders reputation was forever tarnished.

Grandia and Timron negotiated a peace after 20 years of war in the year 1332, after Grandia had lost over half of its territory and population.

After the war, the loyal childhood friends that helped Myrill from the beginning was declared nobles. These men were : Lionel Parsefal, Fedor Lionheart, Thomas Randuin and Johannes Roland. These 4 men and Myrill himself became the 5 Patriachs that rules Timron to this day.

The Seperation War

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