The Silver Order

A world renowned order with headquarters in Kingshill.

The Silver Order works closely with the monarchy of Grandia, and has fought in all the nations wars.


The Order is ruled by a Grandmaster, who traditionally is a trusted advisor to the monarch of Grandia. His seat is in the Silver Tower in Kingshill.

There is generally two ways to enter the order, either you prove yourself through a series of test, or you are referred by a recruiter. The Recruiters are posted all over the land, with an ear close to the ground scouting potential talent. When you enter the order, you get a pardon, but you xontract yourself to atleast 10 years of service or with the Grandmasters leave.

When a person joins the order are assigned into teams of 4-6 people whom compliment eachother. This team train the first year and are learned basic battle tactics and skills deemed necessary. Then the teams are given task against payments and are expected to serve the land and its people.


Founded approximately 1.000 years ago by the people first working the silver mines at Kingshill, hence the name. Growing in size and influence over the years, it has played major part in all of Grandias History. The Silver Order was tasked during The Seperation War , to infiltrate and dispose of enemy personnel by any means necessary. To this day the actions done during this war has been condemned by the outside world and has forever shown that the valiant Silver Order isnt just bodyguards and protectors of the weak, but also assassins and butcheres.

In recent time, the order has fallen from glory. The rumors of war atrocities is still whispered in the corners and few join it willingly.

During a mysterious incident in the city of Kingshill, a large burst of magical energy killed thousands of innocent people. Being a place with many magic users and the public blamed the Order for the incident. The hysteria and opposition to magic spiraled out of control and now the order is no more.

The Silver Order

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